Market-leading supplier
of Helical Screw Piles
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UK Helix supplies high quality screw-piles to the UK market that are designed
and manufactured in our factory in Finland.
Quality Products
Delivered Fast
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Our lead times on stock products is exceptionally fast,
normally 3-4 days for products to arrive on site across the UK
Finnish Engineering
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Our screw-piles are fabricated in Finland to
the highest standards.
Skilled installation teams
ready to tackle your project
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We offer continuous support throughout your project,
with access to the experienced engineers and installers
Approved Dealer for
DIGGA attachments
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We supply industry leading screw-piling attachments to the UK Market.
Hand held & machine
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Our screw piles can be installed by hand or using
specialist machinery.
About US
Supplying high quality screw-pile foundations to the private and commercial sectors

Screw-piles are growing in popularity across the UK and being used on new builds and extensions with unstable or bad ground conditions, projects with protected trees, passive house projects, piers, garden rooms, solar projects and more. UKHelix provides a high quality product, with an emphasis on support and fast lead times backed by our Finnish suppliers. The Benefits Of Screw-Pile Foundations Include:

The benefits of screw-pile foundations include:
Machine Installation Screw Pile

Year Warranty

our services
Comprehensive screw pile solutions

Expert foundation design services for any size of project, from small garden rooms to large-scale commercial developments such as solar farms and railway projects.


Gain access to an extensive selection of high-grade screw-pile products, from small DIY piles to large-diameter commercial piles, suitable for projects of all sizes.


Benefit from approved installation teams that can deploy specialised hand-held units on sites that have limited access and excavators with specialised piling drive units.


UKHelix offers an extensive selection of high-grade screw-pile products, from small DIY piles to large-diameter commercial piles, suitable for projects of all sizes.

Why Choose us
Screw-piling done right

Screw-piling is a centuries-old technology gaining popularity in the UK. To ensure a successful project, it is essential to research the source of your material, purchase quality products and know the capacity of said products. Additionally, make sure your supplier can provide expert advice.


We are always here to help with expert advice with full backing from our factory in Finland.


All tube steel is construction grade, sourced in the E.U. with fabrication taking place in Finland.

Lead Times

With standard products we typically can have your screw-piles on site in a matter of days.

Fast, low impact foundations. No digging, no concrete and no muck away.

Screw-piles are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional foundations due to their range of applications, reduced carbon footprint and speed of install. Screw-piles are often well suited to the following applications.

Timber Frame Houses
Buildings Near TPOs
Garden Rooms
Solar Installs
Commercial Piling

About Us

Founded in 2017 by Robin and Rin, UKHelix is a dedicated supplier of superior quality screw-piles to both the DIY and commercial markets. As the exclusive agent of Paalupiste Oy, an established Finnish company with over 20 years of experience in the design, production, supply and installation of screw-piles, UKHelix is committed to delivering reliable and high-performing products to its customers.

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Our Warehouse Is Located In Worthing At Rabbit And Dowling’s Plant Yard. We Welcome Customers Who Wish To Collect Their Products In Person And Have A Forklift On Site If Required.

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