With the trend for home working becoming more established, driven not only by the pandemic but the appeal of flexible working and the freelance movement, garden rooms are becoming a common feature. They make exceptional home offices, and consultation rooms, as well as providing additional recreational spaces. Making the most of often unloved outdoor space. But construction raises a number of questions. Particularly with the growing emphasis on sustainability. So, today, we’re going to be looking at whether screw piles are a good option for garden room construction. And all the questions we’re most commonly asked around that topic.

Why use screw piles for garden room construction?

Until very recently, concrete has been the primary choice of foundation for any garden room construction. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most widely used substances. But it’s also terrible for the environment. Responsible for about 4-8% of the world’s CO2 production, it requires a huge amount of water for its creation, and it hangs around for a really long time. Screw piles make a simpler and more sustainable alternative.

Although screw piles can be used with concrete for additional support in the construction of larger builds, but it’s not essential in most cases. And when it is used, it is at a fraction of the amount. Screw pile installation requires little site disturbance. There’s no need for significant site clearance – and therefore no rubble to dispose of. And screw piles can be installed both quickly and cleanly.

How to install screw piles for a garden room

The way you install your screw piles will depend upon the size of your project. For largescale screw pile installation, construction vehicles – excavators, bobcats, and cranes – can be used for rapid fitting. For small garden rooms, in most cases, you can install your screw piles yourself, with nothing more than a crowbar. Simply make a hole in the relevant area. Insert your screw pile, and rotate in the correct direction until the pile has reached the appropriate level. It’s easier if two people work together for this. Mount your bracket, then you’re ready to move onto the next pile.

How many screw piles do I need for a garden room?

The number of screw piles you need for garden room construction will depend upon the size of the final project. As a general rule, screw piles should be fitted no less than 0.5 meters, and no more than 2 meters apart. You can use this guide to calculate the number of screw piles you will need to safely complete your project.

Where to buy screw piles?

UK Helix is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of screw piles. An authorised sole distributor for Paalupiste screw piles, with years of experience within the industry, we’re here to help our customers find the best products for their needs. And the right guidance to complete their projects quickly and effectively.

Simple and fast to install, yet durable and strong, screw piles are the most effective and cost-effective solution for garden room foundations.

For more information about screw piles for your garden room, get in touch with UK Helix.

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