Cost is something you always need to factor in before making a decision about any construction project. And it can be frustrating when every time you ask ‘how much do screw piles cost’ you’re met with a ‘call for a quote’ button. But the problem is that there’s no easy answer to give. And in this post, we’re going to explain why.

How Much Do Screw Piles Cost? (How long is a piece of string?)

The pricing of screw piles explained

The reason why you’ll rarely find a straight answer on a website relating to the cost of screw piles is because there are so many variables. Screw piles come in a whole range of widths and lengths. For example at UKHelix we sell piles as small as 700mm in length (suitable for decking) and can also supply screw piles with multiple helices and extensions that go to 16m in depth or beyond! (suitable for multi storey construction) And the helices vary according to the type of ground the screw piles will be used in. All of this impacts the price. So, rather than listing dozens of confusing variations on the website, reputable screw pile suppliers will ask you to get in touch. That way, we can find out exactly what you need. And give you a price for the best solution.

Are screw piles expensive?

As with most things, price is relative. On the surface, screw piles are definitely more expensive than a bag of cement and another of sharp sand. With prices ranging from anywhere between about £35 per pile to £350 for a lead pile. (not that you’re likely to need the latter for DIY). But… There are other factors to consider. If you’re planning on taking the traditional route, you will need to fully clear the ground to the intended depth of your footing. In most cases, this will involve days of labour costs, the use of groundworks vehicles and paying for the removal of waste. You’ll also have to handle the logistics relating to all of that. Screw piles are much less invasive. And therefore, much more cost-effective to install. Especially if you are intending to install them by hand. They’re also usually easier to install, which is always worth considering. 

With these factors in mind, comparing unit price is often deceptive. To get an accurate comparison you must factor in labour, logistics, machine rental, waste removal, time and if it’s relevant and important, environmental impact. 

How can you price a project using screw piles?

Pricing a screw pile foundation depends on three things:

· The size of the intended foundation – the bigger the plot, the more piles you’ll need.

· The projected final load of the project – heavier builds need bigger and potentially deeper piles.

· The type of soil you’re working with – this will influence the helical flight and depth required.

So, are screw piles expensive? The reality is that screw piles have the potential to be both the cheapest and the most expensive solution available. In most instances, once you’ve taken into account all other factors, they sit somewhere in the middle ground with the added benefit of the speed of install and reduced environmental impact . But because every project is different, there is no easy answer.Are you looking to price a screw pile foundation for your next project? Get in touch with UK Helix for expert advice and a bespoke pricing quote.

Disclaimer –Information in this blog does not in any way constitute building advice or guidance for private or commercial building projects.

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