If you’re planning to add a garden room to your home, one of your most important decisions will be the type of foundations you’re going to use. You need an option that is strong, secure, long-lasting, and suited to your ground conditions. Concrete is the traditional choice, but it has its limitations and drawbacks, as it is one of the most polluting construction materials available. So, are screw piles good for garden room foundations?

What Do You Need to Know About Using Screw Piles for Garden Room Foundations?

Can you use screw piles for garden room construction?

The screw pile system is perfect for small projects such as garden rooms, sheds, and fences. As well as being a cleaner option than concrete, screw piles are often faster and easier to install. And, when all things are considered, they can often be cheaper.

What are the benefits of using screw piles for a garden room?

There are various benefits to using screw piles for garden room foundations:

· Screw piles are cleaner. As already mentioned, screw piles are generally a lot less messy than concrete. You don’t have to undertake any major groundworks. There’s no soil or other waste to dispose of later. And there’s obviously none of the mess and materials necessary for concrete mixing. And even if you use other pile-like solutions – bored piers, – you usually still have to use some concrete, so helical piles come out on top.

· Screw piles are often easier. Again, there’s no need for groundworks when using screw piles. In most cases, you can simply work out the right spot and begin installation. Either by hand or machine. Which makes the whole process a lot simpler to manage.

· Screw pile installation is typically fast. Unlike other solutions, screw pile installation is not weather dependent. By hand, it only takes about 15 minutes to install a single screw pile – it’s much faster if you use a groundworks vehicle. And you don’t have to wait for them to set before continuing construction. So, once the screw piles are in place, you can start building straight away.

· Screw piles are versatile. With the exception of solid rock and certain large gauge gravel, screw piles can be used in a huge range of soil conditions. Even in ground that is subject to flooding or below the water line. And because they come in varying sizes and lengths, screw piles provide a flexible solution that can be tailored to your needs.

How do you know if screw piles are suitable for your garden room?

Before you undertake any construction project, it’s always sensible to have site inspection and soil survey. That way, you can be certain that you’re not going to hit a pipe or any kind of ground cabling. And you can work out which foundation type will work best for your conditions.

How much do screw piles for garden rooms cost?

This is a difficult question to answer because every project is different. If you’re only planning a small garden room in the ‘perfect’ ground conditions, you may get away with very low costs. But if you need longer and/or thicker piles, the cost will increase accordingly. In most cases, screw piles are very cost-effective. But there will always be exceptions.

Screw piles are being used for an increasing number of garden room installations because they’re low-impact, highly effective, versatile, and easy to install. Making them a great choice for a range of structures in a variety of conditions.

If you need help selecting the right screw piles for your garden room foundations, get in touch with UK Helix.

Disclaimer –Information in this blog does not in any way constitute building advice or guidance for private or commercial building projects.

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  1. Dan Peters

    I will be erecting 2 sheds with wooden frames (from 5″x2″) to support the floor. one is 1.8×4.7m the other is 3×4.7. The larger will be used as a light workshop.
    Soil is free draining. We are effective tenants (tide house) so need something we can remove at a later date and maybe reuse in a new location.

    I need to keep the cost down (Self-install) and quick install time. could you provide a quote? We would need delivery to OX10 9PP.

    I have used the company great British ground screw company in the past for a SIPS garden building install (they installed it) .

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