Screw piles are now used to provide foundations for all kinds of different structures. From sheds and home extensions, to festival staging. But what many people don’t realise is that they were originally invented for the erection of water-based buildings. Piers, promenades, even bridges. So, can you install screw piles in water? That’s a definitive ‘yes’. But what do you need to know about the process?

How to Install Screw Piles in Water

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to install screw piles in water. But among the most common are docks and jetties for waterside properties, viewing platforms for ponds, and general construction in high flood risk areas. And your installation process will be broadly similar for all scenarios. You just need to understand what you’re dealing with.

What kind of substrate do you have?

One of the best things about screw piles is that they can be used in such a wide variety of soil types. Unlike many of the alternatives, they can even be installed in sand. But they do have their limits. So, if you’re working with solid rock beneath the surface, screw piles will not provide the answer. So, get a soil survey before you begin your project. Then you can be sure that you are purchasing the right piles for your needs.

How can screw piles be installed in water?

Depending on your project, you can either install them from the shore using groundworks vehicles. Or you can employ a specially adapted watercraft designed to accommodate machinery. This latter option is more complicated and potentially more expensive. But it can be done if that’s what you need.

How many screw piles would I need for a water structure?

Like the size and placement, the number of screw piles you will need for a water structure will depend on the type of structure you are creating. As well as its intended size, weight, and potential load. The characteristics of the soil will also influence the number of screw piles you will need. So, once you’ve had your soil surveyed, have a chat with your screw pile supplier. They should be able to advise you.

Can you remove screw piles installed in water?

Yes. In principle, all screw piles can be removed. Using the same method with which they were installed. The main issue will again be whether the piles are moved from on land, or if you’ll need to obtain another watercraft.

Every project is different. But in the right conditions, screw piles are one of the best methods of creating a foundation where water is involved. Like every construction project, it’s important to find the correct method of installation, and ensure that you have the right tools and supplies for the job. Other than that, there’s nothing to stop you!Find out more about screw piles and screw pile supplies at UK Helix.

Disclaimer –Information in this blog does not in any way constitute building advice or guidance for private or commercial building projects.

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