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Ideal for new build houses, extensions, solar panels, tree protection, rail and many other applications.


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What Are Helix Screw Piles And How Do They Work?


The screw pile is a fast and easy method for creating strong foundations, with a wide variety of construction applications. 

Create foundations for new build houses, house extensions, temporary works, underpinning subsidence repair, bridges, rail, civil construction, electrical utility and telecoms and so much more.

Quick and easy to install with immediate results meaning you can load straight after installation. Quieter to install and with less environmental impact, it’s the ideal solution.


Common Uses for Commercial Screw Piles

DIY Screw Piles for Garden Office

House Extensions

The quick and easy way to add a foundation system to an existing property to create a sturdy and reliable base for your new space.

New Build Properties

Speed up the construction process on your new build properties without compromising on the quality of your foundation system.

Tree Protection

Installing screw piles around large trees is a great way to offer protection and they’re far less invasive to roots.

DIY Screw Piles for Garden Office

Solar Panels

If you want to add solar panels to your land without fixing them to a roof then a screw pile system might be the ideal solution.

Rail Foundations

Already employed on countless rail projects, the screw pile is considered the best solution for reliable foundations.

Slope Stabilisation

Correct uneven ground or slopes with strategically placed screw pile foundations. There isn’t an easier solution.

UK Helix PRO-Machine Install Screw Piles

PRO-machine install 400mm helical pile with 139.7mm tube is a high-quality range for bigger project and commercial uses.


I can’t recommend this product highly enough. It has made building my new lodge a breeze. I usually use concrete for my groundworks which is expensive, time-consuming and hard work. Using the UK helix piles was fast, efficient and a lot less hassle and I will definitely be using this system again for my next, even larger, lodge. The staff are very friendly, extremely helpful and knowledgeable, I can’t recommend UK Helix highly enough. Definitely worthy of 5*.


PRO-Machine install screw pile 400mm helical pile with 139.7mm tube diameter with 6.3mm wall thickness

Unsure About How To Proceed? We’re Ready To Help

Screw pile retail

You can buy screw piles direct from UK Helix by viewing our products and submitting an order using the form.

Screw pile design service

If you’re unsure about the type of products you require or the quantities, we can advise and even help you design your project. 

Equipment (Hire/Sale)

 If you need any additional equipment to complete your project, we can help supply you with the best tools.

Why Choose Screw Piles Over a Standard Concrete Foundation?

When screw piles are cheaper, easier to install and friendlier to the environment than traditional methods of creating a foundation, the real question should be why you wouldn’t choose to use them, but here’s a more detailed breakdown to help with the decision making process.

Save Money

Spend less on equipment

Spend less on materials

Spend less on labour

No frost insulation or subsurface drainage.

Usually only requires one visit to the site.

Versatile applications

New buildings and extensions, many kinds of lightweight and heavy structures.

Can be installed in a variety of weather conditions.

Various fittings allow effortless attachment to other structures.

Long-lasting method of foundation

The hot-dip galvanized screw piles resist corrosion well.

Save Time

Spend less on equipment

Spend less on materials

Spend less on labour

No frost insulation or subsurface drainage.

Usually only requires one visit to the site.

Reduce Environmental Impact

No digging

Less machinery

No concrete


Perfect choice for a site with Limited Access

The screw piles uk can be installed indoors and close to walls.

Suitable for confined spaces and locations with difficult traffic connections.

Also suitable as underwater foundations.

Why use UK Helix Screw Piles?

Highest Quality Steel

We make sure that material certificates are available if needed for the screw piles you purchase. This ensures that your piles are made from exactly the material indicated by the manufacturer and not, for example, from a weaker grade of steel.

Load and Measuring Guides

Reliable load tables should be available for the piles you intend to use, according to pile type. If necessary, the manufacturer must be able to provide guidance in measuring your screw pile requirements.

UK Made

There are Asian-made imported screw piles on the market, but the material and manufacturing quality of these products often does not come anywhere near the level of domestic screw piles we sell at UK Helix.

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