How to install DIY screw piles

UKhelix specialise in smaller DIY screw piles for structures like garden houses, man caves, decking, fencing and sheds. These applications are very suitable for the DIY enthusiast. In many of these applications the install can be done by hand using and install kit and 1.5 metre crowbars.

Screw piles 101: All the basics you need to know

The install can also be done with an electric hand rotator, which UKHelix can rent to you.

How to install DIY screw piles on bigger jobs, where larger screw piles are used or a high volume of screw piles are being installed and excavator with a suitable attachment can be used. This is very useful for SME landscaping, shed, fencing and building contractors, or large nationwide contractors seeking to improve and refine their foundation process.


What size of DIY screw pile do I need for my job?

How to install DIY screw piles For lighter structures, UKHelix’s most popular piles are 1.2 and 1.7 metre long screw piles. We offer a smaller pile at .7metres and can also acquire larger piles for bigger bigger structures.

For the majority of decking, sheds and fencing we would recommend 1.2 metre screw piles, for larger wooden structures like summer houses, wooden garages, wooden stables, some large home offices and man caves we might suggest 1.7 metre screw piles.

HOWEVER, this all depends on the payload of the structure, the soil type the gradient of the land and other factors.

The above is just a general guideline.

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