Screw piles have a whole range of uses. From support for temporary structures to providing long-term foundations for landmarks. But one of the most common applications of screw piles right now is for the creation of decks.

Decking remains a highly popular garden feature, providing a low-maintenance, versatile addition to any home. And using screw piles for deck foundations is both cost-effective and efficient, not to mention quick, non-invasive, and safe. But how do you install screw piles for a deck? What do you need to know?

A Short Guide on How to Install Screw Piles for a Deck

1. Work out how many screw piles you will need

Every deck is different. And the number of screw piles you will need for a will depend upon its intended size. Typically, screw piles should be fitted between 0.5 meters and 2 meters apart. The final weight of your structure, its intended use, and the type of ground you are working on will influence your final decision. If in doubt, get in touch, and we can talk you through your requirements.

2. Prepare your workspace

Unlike concrete foundations, helical screw piles do not require any major ground works. So, no excavation, and no clearing. However, you will need space to work. And you will need to remove anything that you don’t want forever lost beneath your shiny new decking!

3. Plan your screw pile placement

Screw piles are non-invasive. They can be put in place with very little disruption. But you do need to be aware of where the foundations of your home extend to, and be certain that there are no ground-level or easily accessible pipes in the area. It’s also a good idea to work at a minimum of 50cm from the base of your house to ensure that you don’t risk damaging your home’s weeping tile.

4. Begin your installation

  • Make a pilot hole in your intended pile location.
  • Assemble your pile and insert it into the hole.
  • Rotate the pile clockwise. You can purchase an installation kit here. You will find it easier with two people working together.
  • Continue to rotate your pile until the head is below the frost level.
  • Tighten until your pile is at the correct height.
  • Measure the distance to your next spot, and start again.
  • Once all your screw piles are in place, you can continue with the next stage of your project.

Screw pile installation for decks is quick and easy. It Provides the strength and stability you need to safely secure your decking in place. But without the mess, work, and expense of traditional concrete foundations. That’s why screw piles have become the number one choice for home deck building.

If you have any questions about ordering screw piles for your deck in the UK, please get in touch

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