Our Story

Founded in 2017 by Robin and Rin, UKHelix is a dedicated supplier of superior quality screw-piles to both the private sector and commercial markets. As the exclusive agent of Paalupiste Oy, an established Finnish company with over 20 years of experience in the design, production, supply and installation of screw-piles, UKHelix is committed to delivering reliable and high-performing products to its customers. With a wide range of stock products available in their UK warehouse, UKHelix boasts incredibly quick lead times on stocked items, while larger orders can be shipped directly from the Finnish factory. Whatever the size of your project, UKHelix provides unparalleled customer service, expertise and support from start to finish.

Rin Sahark / Director

Rin is a highly accomplished business professional from Thailand, with a wealth of industry experience. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, she worked with a number of national and multinational importers, where she held various marketing and operational roles. This gave her a deep understanding of the intricacies of the industry and helped her develop a strong business acumen. In 2017, Rin moved to the UK and founded UKHelix, a company that has quickly become renowned for its outstanding customer service. Rin’s commitment to excellence and her dedication to providing her clients with the best possible experience have earned her a reputation as a market leader in the industry.

Robin Gamble / Director

With an extensive background in plant hire, corporate training, and wellness, Robin’s diverse experiences have led him to unexpected opportunities. It was during a chance Judo lesson in the South of Thailand that he met Tero Paunonen, the owner of Paalupiste Oy, one of Europe’s leading screw pile manufacturers. Recognising the potential for collaboration, upon returning to England, Robin established Helix as Paalupiste’s exclusive agent in the UK. This partnership has enabled UKHelix to bring innovative and reliable solutions to the UK market, while also expanding Paalupiste’s global reach.

Tero Paunonen / Paalupiste

Two decades ago, Tero established Paalupiste Oy with the goal of providing the Finnish market with high-quality screw-piles. Over time, he has expanded the company’s reach to include projects across Europe and beyond, ranging from road signs to railway services. Today, Paalupiste Oy supplies its high-quality construction grade European steel products to countries such as Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Africa, and Iraq. Despite this growth, the company’s commitment to using only the finest European steel fabricated in Finland has remained steadfast.

Dr Abid Adekunte / Consultant Engineer

UKHelix and Dr Abid have partnered over the years to provide high quality screw-piles backed by the highest level of expert engineering. Abid graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Civil Engineering. He is a chartered civil/geostructural engineer with many years of international experience in designs for onshore, nearshore & offshore structures. He has designed and supervised engineering projects in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Ghana. He has conducted specialist PhD research on the behaviour of foundations subject to cyclic and vertical eccentric loading. He has also spoken at many local and international specialist engineering conferences.
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