Screw Pile Supplier

Founded in 2017 by Rin and Robin Gamble, UKHelix is the exclusive supplier of screw-pile products sourced from Paalupiste in Finland. All our products consist of construction-grade steel, procured from EU-certified and traceable suppliers. Furthermore, all products are meticulously fabricated in Finland, adhering to stringent standards.

Our range of screw-piles at UKHelix encompasses various sizes, starting from the 60mm tube diameter 700mm long screw-piles ideal for private landscaping projects, all the way up to custom-made sections measuring 112mm in diameter and extending up to 6 meters or larger. These custom solutions cater to the demands of large-scale commercial projects.

At UKHelix, we take pride in offering substantial cost savings to our commercial clients in two distinct ways. Firstly, our access to top-tier deep foundation specialists allows us to optimise designs, ensuring efficiency and economy. Secondly, our direct link to the Finnish factory enables us to produce tailor-made piles that directly benefit the end user. In many cases, these customised screw-piles can even be shipped directly to your project site from Finland.

Furthermore, our commitment to supporting your project is unparalleled. UKHelix boasts an extensive network of engineers and installers at your disposal. We possess comprehensive knowledge of machinery and can either supply or facilitate the rental of the right equipment for your job. Moreover, our direct association with the Finnish factory, renowned for producing some of the highest-quality screw-piles in Europe and beyond, ensures that you receive nothing but the best for your project.

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