Timber Framed Houses

Screw-piles foundations offer several benefits for timber framed houses, including:

1. Quick and easy installation: Screw-piles can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, making them an ideal solution for remote or difficult-to-access sites.

2. Cost-effective: Screw-piles can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete foundations, as they require less labor and materials.

3. Minimal site disturbance: Unlike traditional foundations, screw-piles do not require excavation or heavy machinery, which can minimise site disturbance and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

4. High load-bearing capacity: Screw-piles are designed to provide high load-bearing capacity, making them suitable for a wide range of soil conditions and building applications.

5. Versatile: Screw-piles can be used for a variety of timber framed house designs and sizes, and can be easily adapted to suit specific building requirements.

Overall, screw-piles foundations can provide a strong, reliable, and cost-effective foundation solution for timber framed houses.

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