If you’re considering a home and garden improvement project, you’ve probably already heard that helical screw piles are a viable alternative to traditional foundations. But when are screw piles needed? And what projects would you use them for?

When Are Screw Piles Needed and Other Common Questions

What are helical screw piles?

Helical screw piles are a form of structural support. Made from steel, they are long shafts with inbuilt helical flights that allow them to be screwed into the ground. You need to select different sized piles and helical flights, according to your project and the type of ground you are working on.

What are screw piles used for?

Screw piles are basically a non-invasive alternative to traditional foundations. Wound into the earth at regular intervals like giant screws, they help with load dispersal. And have been proven safe and reliable in a range of soil types and conditions, including areas subject to potential liquefaction, as in earthquake zones.

When are screw piles needed?

Screw piles can be used in a range of scenarios. From lighthouse pilings and railway track extensions, to garden rooms and decking. There is no scenario where they are specifically required, but screw piles can make construction easier. They reduce the need for groundworks. They can be installed in tight spaces, where groundworks machines would be hard pressed to fit. And screw piles are both quicker and easier to put in place than standard foundations, helping to keep project overheads down.

Are screw piles any good?

As long as they are installed properly – and installation is surprisingly simple – screw piles work really well. They’re cost-effective, low impact, quick to install, and provide immediate load-carrying capability.

How many screw piles do I need?

This depends very much upon the size of your project. As a general rule, screw piles should be placed every eight to ten feet (2.4 – 3 meters). You can use this to calculate the number of piles you will probably need for your project.

How much are screw piles?

The price of screw piles will vary according to your specific requirements. The price is affected by the length of your piles and the size of the helical flight – which is influenced by the type of soil you’re working on. As well as whether the piles are coated or uncoated. If you’re planning a project in the UK, get in touch with UK Helix for a tailored quote.

Where can I buy screw piles?

Screw piles are available from specialist building suppliers. There may be a supplier local to you. Alternatively, you can purchase online from UK Helix.

If you are looking for screw piles for your new deck, shed, garden room, or other project, UK Helix can help. 

Disclaimer –Information in this blog does not in any way constitute building advice or guidance for private or commercial building projects.

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